Mistletoes and crap

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So I really was going to post on Christmas.. but then I forgot to and I didn't really see a point in posting a belated wish if I didn't truly have anything to post. Get me? But now that I do MERRY CHRISTMAS! I trust you people had a nice old time with your families, mine? Well it was just like any other family gathering actually, just with gifts and lots of church trips. Good vibes though. Oh and the greatest thing occurred; I received a new camera! I know, I know, oh happy day! So I've been editing pictures, HD videos(LIKE WUT?!), and musing on Jhen√© Aiko. If you haven't listened to her before don't worry you're not too late. Go listen to some tracks from Sailing Soul(s), she has the most peaceful voice ever. I'm actually listening to 3:16AM right now, I do not fear the fear of faaaaallliiiiing, I want to flyyyyyy!

P.S. Have a wonderful New Year! Hope you get that special kiss from that special someone *nudges* and that maybe these makeup tuts help out ;)
xxoo missusmonroe

Thrifted Sweater, thrifted high-waisted jeans, thrifted Chanel purse, bowling shoes that I think I will buy for myself

heheha I am D, an off day actually

Shawdy's editing skillz are getting serious :D