Last Tuesday.. day

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JC Penny scarf, thrifted top, thrifted leather jacket, f21 body con skirt, Primark, knee-high socks, Barefeet boots

Ugh, so it's been a bit. Sorry for the delayed post from last Tuesday but it's been a bit hectic in my parks. Anyway, I'm not really sure what I was thinking with this outfit, I kinda just went with my natural flow. Someone actually asked me where I got my bun... I was so confused until I realized what he, yes he, was talking about. I was like.. wait this is real. Haaha yeah, don't visit Maryland. It's full of crooks and weirdos, and not the cool kind. On a brighter note I hope you guise had a happy turkey day. Mine was uneventful and thigh-fattening. 
xxoo missusmonroe