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Adidas Superstar 80s City Series - Shanghai

It's no secret Pharrell is a creative genius. To be honest, he takes the most obvious ideas and brings them to life. How obvious was recreating Adidas Originals but in every color? So obvious you would not actually think to do it or you may believe someone's already hit that jackpot. Now someone has. So I'm no sneaker fanatic, I don't truly know how releases work but I do know some are exclusive and some are not. When I became aware of the release, I fell in love with the pastels but I knew I'd have to get my favorite color. My mistake was probably how nonchalant I was about everything. It was as if I was taking a Sunday stroll on the beach, not a care in the world "oh, I'll get it later", "oh, I'll just get it from this site" until Tribe Yellow was literally sold out every where. And look, I enjoy the cheap treasures of this world, but I will not be fooled into buying an extreme fake that'll probably end up only having two stripes. I also utterly refuse to pay three times the price which led me to The City Series collection. At first glance, I hated it. The suede was not me and it also seemed utterly impractical. Suede can't last through rain or snow but it's too hot for summer... so I was stuck between a rock and a potentially empty wallet. Nobody's going to cheat me out of my money, therefore I researched the shoe, saw some real-life shots of it and decided what the hell, I'll give them a shot.

Let me tell you, I absolutely love them. First of all, at first glance you can't even tell they're suede, which is fantastic because I adored the matte look of the previous pack. Secondly, the pigmentation is incredible. They are so saturated it's actually almost scary. They look so good! There was only a men's 8 available, which was about half a size too big for me ~socks considered~ but thankfully I don't look like Lacienega Boulevardez so all is right in the world. I do still want the Shift Olive and possibly the Sky Blue but my moral conscious is telling me spending $170 on shoes that sold for 90 originally is only cheating myself... We shall see.

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