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Thrifted top, Missguided pants, goJane sandals

Have you ever been in a relationship, whether it be a lover or your best friend, where it's as if you're moving as a unit, seamless and wonderful. Then suddenly it's as if they took a wild turn, a complete 180, suddenly they want something else and it is as though what you had to offer will no longer suffice. In terms of males, I don't understand how something that can begin so pure and honest can end so tainted, scrambled, and distasteful. Why is it that males can just wake up one day, saying "I don't want this anymore, in fact whatever you thought this was, well it was all in your head anyway"? This is why women are viewed as batshit crazy, because seeds are planted in our heads but selfish people you've formed bonds with one day decide you are no longer worthy of being their best friend. As if you got to thinking all of it, the times you all shared, the laughs, the confidence, the secrets, the tears, as if that world they painted with the both of you in it was all your doing. As if you only saw what you wanted to see and painted what you wanted reality to be.

Well. It's either platonic or nothing else. It's time to take the paintbrush back, paint things my way.

xxoo missusmonroe