To new beginnings

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Hey everyone!

School is finally out, scream and shout, and I'm still as busy as ever but I've dedicated this summer to improving the blog and making time for everything I want to see bloom. I'm thinking of an entirely new layout and visual experience. I want to come out with some new youTube videos and be more interactive with those loyal to us and our vision. I've still got tons of updating posts to do, not only clothes and experiences but also the journeys I've chosen to embark upon. Life should be interesting, right? Full of wonder, hope, and joy. I really want to emanate that going forward because I do believe it, it's just so many people have stopped believing it. 
In any case, here are some of my favorite looks that I've deprived SOAL of within the past four-five months. Other vacay posts and what-not, I still want to be separate so I can speak of a few moments. Love y'all for your everlasting presence.

xxoo missusmonroe