In the meantime

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Hey guise, I know it's been a while, much longer than anticipated. Surprisingly it's not even because I've been overwhelmingly busy but rather because of fatigue and lack of desired technology, haha. Alas, that should be changing very, very soon! I would satisfy y'all with some pictures but seriously, giving you guys iPod quality is just so disrespectful, lol. So here's a little something I've been compiling and absolutely adoring. Oh and another thing! I have a huge goodie for y'all next week Thursday. It's going to be a first for SOAL but most likely not the last. I'm pretty excited for you guys to enjoy some concrete and local art.

xxoo missusmonroe 

Kiara Kabukuru & Samantha Gradoville in Club Tropicana photographed by Lacey for Muse Magazine

John Legend photographed by An Le for Scene Magazine Summer 2013. Styled by Kemal Harrison

Naya Rivera Stakes Is High

Maria Borges photographed by Thomas Whiteside for Dujour Magazine’s Summer 2013 Issue

[all images from tumblr]