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Thrifted long top attached to vest, DIY cropped turtle neck, jazz dance pants, thigh-high boots

I've been vibing to Joey BADA$$ lately, hence the title, and oh boy am I truly in love. I realize how frequently I say this about male artistry, Drake, J. Cole, A$AP, etc. etc., but this time I'm forreal! I love how honest he is in his music, his beats are so mofo' dope, his lyricism is so attractively complex,  his style has me drooling, and his face with the perfect cheekbones! Pleaaase don't get me started, plus have you guys seen how perfect his brows are? What is life without my bby Joey? I don't know how I was surviving previously. Not to mention he resides in BK (Beastcoaaaast). Yes, it's love.

Onto the usual Friday post! Today was a great half-day of school,besides the fact that I took my hardest midterm of all, but we won't address that. I think three hours of school everyday is very sufficient. I mean, let's think about it, do we really need that much time in school? Hold up... considering how less than intelligent our generation is I'll take that back. But seriously I don't need that much time in prison, I mean school, whoops I slip up sometimes ;)
I totally love those days full of eating. Today my dear readers is one of those days! I need to be careful before I gain the weight of the world. It was really windy and bright today by the way, beautiful weather.

xxoo missusmonroe